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This architecturally cutting edge museum opened in 1993 and is considered to be one of the finest in Denmark.Occupying an enviable spot with panoramic ocean views across to Christiansoe, the museum houses magnificent collections with works by artists such as Edvard Weie, Karl Isakson, Olaf Rude, Kræsten Iversen, Niels Lergaard, and Oluf Høst, all providing fine examples of modern Danish painting and the decorative arts.

Tømmehuset, at Vestergade 3 in Sandvig, houses a little local museum, and Allinge is home to a number of attractive half-timbered houses; an interesting old Town Hall; and a church, the oldest parts of which are Gothic.This fascinating museum has a collection covering seafaring history and the natural history of Rønne and Bornholm with granite, limestone, coal, and kaolin specimens. secret partnervermittlung Offenbach am Main The history of art department features works by local Bornholm painters as well as drawings and examples of the decorative arts, including Viking pieces.Bornholm also boasts a reputation for excellent salmon and cod fishing as well as fine stocks of sea trout.However, all anglers between the ages of 18 and 65 require a fishing permit for both freshwater and ocean fishing.

Www dating dk Christiansø

This is a treasure trove for hikers and mountain bikers with rocky soaring landscapes, narrow valleys, and lush forests to explore. The iron-age stronghold of Gamleborg and the Rocking Stone (Rokkestenen) are well worth seeing.There's a youth hostel and various marked trails to follow.Around ten-minutes' drive southwest from Ronne is the most recent and best preserved of the distinctive round churches of Bornholm in the tiny village of Nylars.The interior of the church has wall paintings depicting the Creation and the Fall of Man.Although Bornholm's coastline is stunning, inland is equally delightful.

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Around three kilometers from the busy port of Nexo, you'll find the privately owned Hills of Paradise (Paradisbakkerne), interestingly also known as The Hills of Hell (Helvedesbakkarne).In the porch, there's a huge cross dating from Renaissance times.Interestingly, the church was not only built as a place of worship, but also served a defensive role. A northerly drive of a little more than 13 kilometers from Ronne brings you to Hasle, a little port that is home to a sturdy 14th century stone church, Nykirke, with a half-timbered tower.Also under the umbrella of the Bornholm Museum are Hjorth's Factory, Erich's Farm (both in Ronne), and Melstedgård Agricultural Museum south of Gudhjem.To the northeast of Bornholm lies a group of islands called Ertholmene (Pea Islands), which can be reached by boat from Allinge, Gudhjem, and Svaneke.

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