Westfield single donor

The MX-5 instrument pack is incorporated neatly, but the mismatched minor switches look untidy.

Westfield single donor

These particular product features have subsequently been offered as options by Caterham. Dealers, including Bill's company, "Flyin' Miata", are very happy to arrange professional assembly as required. Miata 1.8 rear disc brakes 1999 Mazda Miata instrument cluster, and Momo "Race" model steering wheel. as published in British V8 Magazine, Volume XVI Issue 1, May 2008 Owner: Bill Cardell City: Palisade, CO Model: 2007 Westfield SDV Engine: Mazda Miata 1.8L turbo.Built by: Bill Cardell, Keith Tanner, and their staff at Flyin' Miata. started with a one-off replica of the 1956 Lotus "Eleven" Le Mans race car.Bill Cardell's SDV, shown here, is the latest development of that theme. After Lotus discontinued it, in 1973, production was nearly immediately continued under exclusive license by Caterham Cars.When Westfield began offering Seven replicas, Caterham was obliged to protect their intellectual property through lawsuit.

Westfield single donor

Over their twenty-five year history, Westfield has broadened their range to include a Rover 3.9L aluminum V8 engined version of the SE roadster, called "SEi GHT", various motorcycle-engined versions, and also a "sports racer" model of their own design, called "XTR". In December 2006, Chris Smith sold Westfield Sportscars Ltd. Potenza is a diversified engineering services firm that was incorporated in 2000 by managers formerly associated with Rolls Royce and with Lucas Industries. Smith and other members of the Smith family remain closely associated with the operation of the company. "FM" for "Flyin' Miata" (Bill's shop) The fiberglass body panels are molded in color, so their beauty is more than skin deep! Bill Cardell gives very exciting demonstration rides. - Editor) Bill's shop, "Flyin' Miata", continues to make continuous improvements to their Westfield and to use it as a testbed for performance accessories and options. For the British home market, Westfield cars may be purchased as complete factory-assembled automobiles, or in various kit forms tailored to match available skills and resources. Westfield continues production and innovation from their factory in Kingswinford, (West Midlands,) UK. Line-X has been applied to the rear fenders to prevent stone chips. Our magazine is funded through the generous support of readers like you! (Paint is optional.) This car has the optional one-piece nose. Westfield provides threaded adapters so that their rack will work with Miata tie rod ends. (Radtec aluminum radiator is behind it, plus a large electric fan.) Facet fuel pump shown here is the low pressure supply to the scuttle-mounted swirl tank. Here are some more recent photos that Bill provided. Given that the completed Westfield weighs between 900 and over 1100 lbs less than a Miata (depending on the year of Miata), it doesn't need a ton of horsepower... We haven't dynoed the turbo yet, as it was a last minute slap-together for a track day, but it should be right in the 240 rear wheel hp range. Westfield provides the Girling brake and clutch master cylinders. At a glance this budget Westfield looks like any other, but look again. For starters it has the classic front-engine/rear-drive layout, and although the sweet little 1.6-litre twin-cam ‘four’ produces only 109bhp, that should be enough for lively performance in a car that’s about half the weight.The engine may be blessed with only 99lb ft of torque, but with so little weight to haul, the Westfield pulls the high gears with enthusiasm, making for relaxed, brisk progress.

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Drive it more enthusiastically and it reveals a benign, exploitable balance, tucking into turns with reasonable keenness and adopting a four-square, neutral stance mid-corner that can be edged into easily managed, slow-motion oversteer.

The result should be a much sweeter car than was ever the case with the heavier Ford parts, and to judge by this Westfield demonstrator, the Mazda mechanicals have plenty of useful life left in them even when they’ve racked up over 120,000 miles.

It’s a tidy enough car, if obviously built down to a price (there’s no roof included), with comfortable, supportive seats and good visibility.

‘Some people are even restoring them,’ says Holly Bond, Chris’s daughter. The world’s best-selling sports car has been around since 1989 and there are a number of breakers and parts specialists around the UK.

As the dismantling of that first donor MX-5 progressed, the Westfield team realised that it could incorporate a surprising number of the Mazda’s components into the original kit with few alterations.

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