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web dating albertslund bibliotek

The town centre was put together from the standard checklist of station (1963), town hall (1971), cultural house (1974/1996; now Musik Teatret), library (1974/2004) and church (Opstandelseskirken, 1984), plus obligatory shopping (unlike most shopping centres on Vestegnen open to the elements).Walking around on a Sunday in late February, when Denmark is at its most bare and bleak, there was a definite buzz, with people going around their business and a fair number of cafes actually occupied. kontaktanzeigen sie sucht sie Hamburg Two elements help create the feel of a place – the use of canals in the streetscape, making an attraction out of the rainwater drainage system, plus some interesting (and mainly successful) public art.Mainly around the town hall, and taken down in no short order by Monday morning.Knitting also featured in the 1970s themed Golden Days festival, also taking place during September throughout the Greater Copenhagen region.

Web dating albertslund bibliotek

Having located the giant via iphone (as well as being forgotten ie ) we snapped it and exited, never likely to return.Sited in a low-lying marsh, now managed parkland, and a stone’s throw from the motorway, the background hum of traffic was ever present – a common problem in the area.One news story even went so far as to highlight a classical concert as an event for those interested in ‘culture’, so kudos to Albertslund, offering a range of Hamlet themed events as the final part of its participation in the literary exhibition hall project, plus a kunstvandring.While generally each of the six do their own thing during the festival period, Thomas Dambo’s Forgotten Giants project (Vestegnens Kulturuge) extended across the whole area, with six sculptures constructed over a period of six months.A further 60% of the municipality is covered by forests and green areas, including a hill created from construction detritus.

The main transport arteries are Roskildevej and the B S-train line, plus the network of motorways which slices through Vestegnen’s otherwise continuous sprawl. The dream of creating a ‘cradle to grave’ town was in full swing when Albertslund Syd was constructed.

The population grew from 3000 to 30,000 over a period of eight years, and today is around 27.7K.

61% of housing is social, income per capital is low, immigrant count is high.

Strictly zoned, with a network of roads and bike/pedestrian paths and a good selection of under/overpasses, the centre gives way on one side to three storey blocks and on the other to clusters of small one-storey and two-storey terraces in an almost Hobbit scale landscape built over a period of three years.

Emphatically – and unusually – low rise and high density, with an accompanying lack of horizon, this area feels inward focused, invisible and almost apologetic, although some open spaces have been created by staggering the terraces.

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