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xx-Jul-80US CA, Hollywood, The Whisky a Go Go Setlist: Bo Diddley's A Gunslinger/ Railroad Bill/ Seven Miles With The Devil/ Preachin' The Blues/ Goodbye Johnny / .. 30-Aug-80US CA, Los Angeles, UCLA/University of California, Los Angeles Bruins Zeta Phi Fraternity @ 611 Gayley Ave Flyer: Photo of flyer.

Note: Jeffrey guests at a Top Jimmy show, who is backed by X (a.k.a. replacing Johhny Nation with Brian Tristan (later a.k.a. They will only play a few (possibly only 2) live shows, their music having a reggae influence.Chronology: a chronological overview of known concert dates (some with setlists and/or ads), dates of studio recordings, all line-ups and other trivia related to the American band The Gun Club. Those 'bands' were mostly abortive, messing-around-in-the-living-room things, planning and practicing. 1976US CA, Los Angeles, Steven Wolfe's home Photo: Courtesy of Steven Wolfe. datingseiten vergleich Augsburg While at Granada Hills, Jeff has several party bands with Steven Wolfe.18-Sep-79US CA, Hollywood, Gazzarri's[with The Go-Go's, The Last and The Urinals] Poster: Scan taken from "Punk: An Aesthetic", a book edited by Johan Kugelberg and Jon Savage.Note: Jeffrey asks Pleasant Gehman [Screamin' Sirens] to sing live at The Cyclones first and only show, as support for The Go-Go's.

Single party detmold 2014

He was trying to scam me -'that was Creeping Ritual's gig, there was a fuck-up'- even though they'd never played a gig. By this time, Patricia had been kicked out of The Bags after a disasterous show in San Diego. Rik, The Circle Jerks, and the Disposals] Flyer: Photo of flyer credit of Steven Rascoe . 09-May-80US CA, Los Angeles, Hong Kong caf[with The Bags and The Offs] Flyer: Taken from "The Life And Times Of Jeffrey Lee Pierce" 4CD Box Set booklet (Retro Deluxe 2008). It was all a blur, set up, we probably did "Sex Beat" and "Heroin" for sure, maybe "Black Train", break down and get the fuck offstage.I enjoyed that he was so brazen, so I said, "You can open." So he got what he wanted, but had a very dramatic way of getting it - which was very Jeffrey." 06-Apr-80US CA, Los Angeles, Hong Kong cafe[with The Bags and The Circle Jerks] Flyer: Taken from "Fucked Up and Photocopied", a book by Bryan R. Alternative flyer ,taken from the booklet of the Jeffrey Lee Pierce "Six String Sermon" LP (Bang! I don't remember the reaction, certainly nothing heavily negative." 30-May-80US CA, Hollywood, Club 88 (on Pico Boulevard)[with X and The Blasters] Flyer: Photo of flyer credit of Steven Rascoe .Back then he played guitar and handled bookings for The Blasters. Single party detmold 2014-10Single party detmold 2014-66Single party detmold 2014-47 "I got us a Saturday night residency at [Chinatown punk club] the Hong Kong Caf for a month or two, then I got this phone call from Jeffrey. 10-May-80US CA, Redondo Beach, The Fleetwood[with The Circle Jerks, The Bags, The Urinals, Fear, The Gears] Flyer: Scan of flyer courtesy of Brad Dunning, from his private collection. Note: At this show some filming took place for Penelope Spheeris' "The Decline Of Western Civilization" film. One of the last shows of The Bags."Jeffrey persuaded the Urinals, who he knew, to give up half of their 20 or 30 minute set, so we wound up doing a guerrilla-style, hit-and-run set of two or three songs.1979US CA, Los Angeles Photo: From Fred -Phast Phreddie- Patterson's archives.

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(l-r) Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Don Waller [founder of Back Door Man fanzine, together with Phast Phreddie], unknown, Muddy Waters and Phast Phreddie.

This concert is followed by the another show at a Chinese restaurant.

Note 2: From an interview with Dave Alvin [The Blasters]: "I gave them their first gig", Dave Alvin laughs.

At the time he really loves (Peter Gabriel-era) Genesis, Sparks, Roxy Music and David Bowie, until in summer '77 he discovers and becomes obsessed with reggae artist Bob Marley.

Note: The Melted Orange Crayons line up: Bill Heatley (vocals)/ Steven Wolfe (guitar) and Jeff Pierce (drums). In this photo they're (likely) playing "Fever" [Elvis Presley].

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