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There are also additional services for school students.

After Bodenfelde station the line finally leaves the Weser valley and then runs through the Schwülme valley.Crossings loops now only remain in Lauenförde, Bodenfelde, Uslar and Hardegsen. Owensboro single Since 2000, total closure of the line has been threatened several times, although in 2002 freight traffic was temporarily resumed on a small scale.The Weser river bridges at Höxter and Wehrden were reopened on 13 December 1948. The construction of the railway line through it and the resulting connection with the industrial centres of eastern and western Germany, stimulated economic growth.The bridge at Wehrden for the Solling railway was rebuilt with only one track and further repairs were subsequently carried out several times. for rechtes Ufer, right bank), while the station on Carl's Railway was called Karlshafen l. Together with the adjoining Altenbeken-Ottbergen-Kreiensen line to the west and the South Harz Railway (Südharzbahn) to the east adjoining it became in the period between 19 one of the busiest for east-west freight traffic (during the Second World War more than 100 freight trains ran on the line).

Single beverungen

It is listed as timetable (KBS) route 356 north (until 1992 it was KBS 245, and until 1970 it was KBS 200).The line begins in the North Rhine-Westphalian district of Höxter, near Ottbergen and runs on a high embankment including a bridge over the Nethe to Amelunxen.Before Northeim it runs on an embankment and crosses the Leine river, the Hanover–Würzburg high-speed line and the North–South railway (Hanoverian Southern Railway). The former Holzminden–Scherfede mainline railway (which had been built by the Bergisch-Märkische Railway Company to connect the Upper Ruhr Valley Railway and the Altenbeken–Kreiensen railway) was crossed in Wehrden.Both lines ran parallel through Wehrden station, where changing trains was possible.To the east from Lauenförde-Beverungen, fares are set by Verkehrsverbundes Süd-Niedersachsen (transport association of southern Lower Saxony).

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The connection from Ottbergen to Göttingen, which runs as fas as Bodenfelde on this line, is also called the Oberweserbahn (Upper Weser Railway); it continues over the Göttingen–Bodenfelde railway.

Meanwhile, the railway has been connected to the electronic interlocking in Göttingen to enable operation with little manpower.

Since 9 December 2007, there has been a service every two hours between Ottbergen and Göttingen, which connects to Northeim in Bodenfelde.

From there the line runs until the end of the line in the district of Northeim.

In Gut Steimke, before Uslar, it crosses the Ahle river on a high viaduct.

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