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Some just want to see the part of Denmark their ancestors came from but others may wish to undertake more serious genealogic research.Whatever the purpose of the visit, it must be remembered that any serious genealogical research present difficulties and calls for a good deal of preparation if the result is to be as rewarding and satisfying as hoped for.The fly­leaf usually bears valuable information about birth date and home parish.Letters from Denmark Perhaps no one in the family understands a word of Danish any longer; but even so, old letters from Danish relatives may still be about, and return addresses, maybe even postmarks, may be extremely helpful in suggesting the best starting point for an investigation.

If the names of persons deceased after 1923, or of persons still alive, can be established the national registration offices may prove of use.Another difficulty may arise from the fact that many names underwent changes after emigration; thus Jorgensen and Johansen and Jensen might all have been changed into Johnson.To avoid any unnecessary waste of time it is advisable to gather all the information available at home before starting an investigation of the records in Danish archives.The information about this race is based on information provided by the organizers or found on the official website of the event.Always check the official website for up-to-date information.

Online dating danmark Aabenraa

Photos brought along or sent over by relatives left behind can also give clues, for example through the name of the photographer.It is important that such material be not destroyed; if the family does not want to keep it, the Danes Worldwide Archives (address below) will be happy to receive it; the material will prove useful to emigration research as such, and may be of great help to other emigrants. of the immigrant generation An immigrant to a new country would undoubtedly often keep his naturalization certificate carefully stowed away.If you have noticed any mistake, let us know at [email protected] online dating danmark Aabenraa-13online dating danmark Aabenraa-76online dating danmark Aabenraa-86 Each year, many people of Danish descent visit the "old country" and they often use the trip find out more about where their family lived before they emigrated to the United States.Information in Archives at Home Next in line come the official records and the genealogical institutions of the new country. Thanks to the Genealogical Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latterday Saint, 50 East North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150, U. A., many original Danish records are now available on microfilm.

It is not possible within the scope of this fact sheet to give information about all the countries in which Danish emigrants have settled. The facilities of the Genealogical Society are open to the public, free of charge, and if time forbids a personal visit to Salt Lake City, or to one of the branch libraries, a list can be had with the names of researchers accredited in Danish research, who will, for a fee, carry out the research required. out of print), which may be extremely useful also for research carried out in Denmark.

Such a certificate may not contain information about the immigrant's birthplace, but usually it states when and where the immigration took place, and may lead on to the relevant official records on the matter.

The same holds true for wills, social benefit applications, deeds, etc. C., contain an almost inexhaustible amount of source material such as passenger manifests, census records, military records and naturalization records.

It is of paramount importance to establish the original form of the name of the ancestor in question, his precise age (preferably his date of birth), but above all his birthplace; if this is not possible, his last permanent address in Denmark may be of help.

However, indications such as 'of the county of Aalborg' or 'from Jutland' will be of little avail, as it is indispensable to know the name of either the town or the parish in which registration took place.

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