Match dating Allerød

Preboreal climate oscillations in Europe: wiggle-match dating and synthesis of Dutch high-resolution multi-proxy records.

match dating Allerød

Mid- to late-Holocene vegetation and land-use history in the Hadrian's Wall region of northern England: the record from Butterburn Flow. Plant remains in the Yukagir mammoth dung and environmental reconstruction. I., Cook, G., van der Plicht, J., Scott, M., Kulkova, M. In: Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science, Volume 3 (S. Mol, D., Shoshani, J., Tikhonov, A., van Geel, B., Sano, S., Lazarev, P., Boeskorov, G. Scientific Annals, School of Geology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Special Volume 98: 299-314.

Match dating Allerød

Van Geel published, together with the isotope physicist Mook, the perspectives of 14C wiggle-match dating of organic deposits. Although initially from a theoretical point of view, they already realised the potential value of this dating strategy. Koulkova (Eds) Radiocarbon in Archaeology and Paleoenvironmental Research. and ACCROTELM-members (Jukka Alm, Sue Bartlett, Carole Begeot, Maarten Blaauw, Antony Blundell, Frank Chambers, Dan Charman, John Daniell, Richard Evershed, John Hunt, Edgar Karofeld, Atte Korhola, Hansjörg Kuester, Jukka Laine, Michel Magny, Dmitri Mauquoy, Erin Mc Clymont, Fraser Mitchell, Pirita Oksanen, Richard Pancost, Kaarina Sarmaja-Korjonen, Heiki Seppä, Ülle Sillasoo, Bettina Steffanini, Mareike Steffens, Eeva-Stiina Tuittila, Minna Väliranta, Johannes van der Plicht, Bas van Geel, Dan Yeloff). A new European testate amoebae transfer function for palaeohydrological reconstruction on ombrotrophic peatlands. Summarising the research by van Geel concerns two (connected) main lines: 184.

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