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Here you can find links to the ice-skating rink’s websites and clubs.You do not have to live in the municipality where the club is located as they are all open to anyone wanting to join.The event took place at Marielyst Skole, Gladsaxevej 198.

en date dk Gladsaxe

Most of them are listed under their local municipality’s website.Thankfully, this changed in 1959, when the first two indoor skating rinks were opened.Today there are 16 indoor skating rinks open to the public during the winter season.Registration details Registration opens: From 02nd June 2014Registration Deadline: 13th June 2014Registration Fee: 100 DKK’s/team (50 DKK’s/ person)Facilities: T-Shirts, Shuttle cock’s, Participation certificates to all teams Where: Værebroparken Badminton Court, DK-2880 Bagsværd When: All weekends in July 2014To register your team please contact: Association Manager: Harsha Vardhan Reddy Burri Ph: 5095 2144 E-mail: [email protected] Manager: Vinod Kathi Ph: 3149 3456 E-mail: [email protected] Mela - Sourround yourself with India.First time ever in Denmark, a mela with stunning colorful performances of Indian dances, songs, music and different stalls.

En date dk Gladsaxe

Of course, if the winter weather stays cold and frosty in the coming weeks ( February is traditionally the coldest month) and it stays that way for a longer period, lakes and ponds freeze over and can also be turned into outdoor ice-skating rinks.HOWEVER, do not venture out on unless you can see a sign put up by the local municipalities notifying the public of their safety. Knudsen Pictures: Aarhus Skøjtehal/Viborg Kommune Normally, the weather has to be cold and wintry with several days of glacial frost before lakes and ponds freeze over, something the traditional grey and rainy Danish winter cannot really guarantee.Up until 1959, ice-skating was a unique winter time activity, as opportunities could be rare from one winter to the next.However, the temperature has to be below 15 degrees Celsius.

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Special equipment freezes water to ice making it possible to build the ice-rinks on selected squares and other public venues.Instead, public/private partnerships in the local municipalities finance the necessary outdoor ice-rink equipment.To build them there is no need for ice-cold weather.DTA volunteered the event to make the celebrations a grand success.Festival of India is organized by ISKCON on 3rd July 2010.

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