Dating website deutschland Leipzig

They were immediately successful at their chosen sport and made their way to the first German national championship final held in 1903.

Their opponents were DFC Prag, an ethnically German side from Prague, which was then part of Austria-Hungary.

Meeting the application deadline will be established by the date of arrival of the paper application in the Leipzig office AND by having completed the online registration.

According to the rules set by the EU this proof can be either provided in form of a residence certificate issued by the candidate's municipality OR a certificate from the candidate's place of work, study or training issued by the respective institution.Applicants will be informed at the latest by the end of July about the outcome of their application.The application for the Master Course 'Global Studies' is only through the Global and European Studies Institute of Leipzig University (no matter if your preferred mobility track includes Leipzig University or not).We are pleased that you are interested in applying for the Master's course in Global Studies within our consortium.Please find in the following information on the requirements and a guide on how to apply.

Dating website deutschland Leipzig

or original hard copy (AND certified translation if the document is not issued in English or German) of university diplomas (if you graduate after the application deadline please send us the degree as soon as you receive it, the decision on the admission will in this case be made on the grades indicated on the transcript of records.Please note that in case of an admission the copy of your certified Bachelor's degree certificate will be needed in August in order to be able to enrol you.)Applicants who have studied for more than one year in, or received a degree from, a college or university where English is both the language of instruction and the native language are not requested to take one of the above-mentioned proficiency test.For applicants who do not want to apply for the Erasmus Mundus grant or who missed the Erasmus Mundus grant deadline it is possible to apply until May 31st of each year as a self-paying student for the next cycle of the programme starting in fall of the same year.Information on the eligibility criteria for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship are to be found here.Documents issued in English or German must be included as certified copies any authority that does have an official seal with national coat of arms (in Germany these are town hall, police, courts, rectory and notaries) or by the authority who issued the respective document in this case a stamp of the respective authority would be sufficient.

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