Dating Høje-Taastrup

F L Smidth & Co relocated its activities to a huge site in central Valby in 1956.

The remains of Old Valby are located in the northern part of the district on Valby Langgade, the old road to Roskilde, which today extends from Carlsberg, as the continuation of Pile Allé, and runs west along the municipal border with Frederiksberg until it finally joins the new Roskildevej at Damhus Lake.

The station was originally meant to serve mostly leisure trips to nearby Frederiksberg; it had a booming traffic in the railway's first years, which however dwindled as the novelty wore off. Jacobsen's son, opened his own brewery at a neighbouring site after a controversy with his father.

The station was closed in 1864 when the second main station in Copenhagen opened and the railway was rerouted through Frederiksberg station instead. Jacobsen to the site and he founded his Carlsberg Brewery in 1847 on the eastern slopes of the hill. Over the following decades both breweries grew and were later merged.

dating Høje-Taastrup

The Danshøj tumulus, along with many other archeological finds in the area, provides evidence that the Valby area has been inhabited since ancient times.Instead Valby began to develop into an area where members of the bourgeoisie took up summer residency, a practice which spread from adjoining Frederiksberg. datingseite kostenlos Moers One of the first to arrive in Valby proper was the actor James Price who spent his first summer there in 1795, shortly after his arrival in Denmark.The trade took place on Wednesdays and Saturdays, which were market days, until 1857.In 1776, the road to Roskilde was given a new course, a direct continuation of Vesterbrogade across Valby Hill, with the effect that it passed Valby by to the detriment of the inn and other businesses.

Dating Høje-Taastrup

The following year the Danish Cotton Factories opened their Valby Spinning Mill in central Valby.Other companies established in the area early in the century were Carl Aller's Aller Press and C. Rich & Sønner, a manufacturer of coffee substitutes.During the construction of the new railway, when the tracks were dug through Valby Hill, a natural spring was discovered. Carl Jacobsen also became the driving force behind Valby's first church, the large Jesus Church, which he financed with money he inherited from his father.The new church was consecrated on 15 November 1891 but it remained under Hvidovre Parish for another decade.The royal presence in the area brought along more activity in the village.

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