Dating 40 Vejle

Vejle River Valley has been inhabited for nearly 12,000 years, and it is the location of several important archaeological sites, such as the Bronze Age burial site of the Egtved Girl, the Iron Age Troldborg Ring fortification, and the Viking Age Ravning Bridge.Crossing the river was difficult in places due to the extensive wetlands, and the 760-metre (2,490 ft) Ravning Bridge was the longest bridge in Denmark from its construction in the 10th century until the Little Belt Bridge was built in 1935.

dating 40 Vejle

, also called Sønderåen, "South River") is an approximately 32-kilometre-long (20 mi) river in Vejle Municipality in Denmark.In some sections, these alterations were reinforced with levees.From the 1890s through the 1960s, somewhere between 50 and 100 fish farms were constructed along Vejle River.Herunder finder du navnene p de strste grupper i Syd- og Snderjylland: Singler i det jyske 30 (3.412 medlemmer)Singler i det Jyske 35 (3.402 medlemmer)Single netvrk Kolding (2.764 medlemmer)Jyske singler 18 (1.646 medlemmer)Sydjyske singler (1.510 medlemmer)Svedige Singler fra Sydvest... (1.502 medlemmer)Single netvrk Haderslev (1.241 medlemmer)Single netvrk Aabenraa (921 medlemmer)Single forldre i Esbjerg og omegn (412 medlemmer)Singler i Esbjerg og omegn (403 medlemmer)Singler Kolding Vejle Fredercia (335 medlemmer)Single i Snderborg (271 medlemmer)Single Netvrk Vejen & Omegn (178 medlemmer)Single gruppe for ALLE 18-35 rige i Aabenraa og omegn (168 medlemmer)Party singler fra Vejen og omegn.The Ravning Bridge (Danish: Ravningbroen) was a former 760 m long timber bridge, built in Denmark in the 10th century during the Viking age.

Dating 40 Vejle

The purpose of the Ravning Bridge has been much debated, but later excavations in 19 revealed that it was used both as a trading bridge and a jetty for ships.In the Viking Age the water levels were higher in the Vejle River Valley and ships could navigate further inland and so dock closer to the important royal seat of Jelling.The river's course has been subject to alterations throughout history.From the 1500s to the 1900s, at least 35 watermills were constructed along the river.A piece of oak was dated by radiocarbon dating to year 980 with an uncertainty of 100 years, and it was decided to make an excavation which started in 1972.

The Ravning Bridge is thought to have been built in the Viking Age around 980 AD, as ordered by King Harald Bluetooth, who also built the Viking ring castles.Over the vertical posts were placed 5.5 m long, 25–30 cm high and more than double as wide horizontal girders.The girders were connected by longitudinal beams on which the deck of the bridge was built.The lower river has an urban character where it runs through downtown Vejle, while the upper river is rural and is used for fishing and recreation.Vejle River Valley forms a continuous geological feature with Vejle Fjord, and together the valley and fjord make up the longest tunnel valley in eastern Jutland, with a length of about 40 km (25 mi) and a width of up to 2 km (1.2 mi).

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