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group of five helicopters were used for a vacation in Sweden and Norway.

Aram Bartholl ist Mitglied der Künstlergruppe Free Art and Technology Lab - F. The pilot managed to autorotate the helicopter on a field at Delitzsch, Saxonia, E Germany, however the helicopter rolled to the side and suffered significant damaged. --- Russian helicopter pilot Sergey Ananov was on a solo around-the-world-flight and halfway between Iqualuit and Nuuk when his R22 ditched in the Davis Strait.The pilot has his life-raft close to hand and his survival suit was on when the helicopter hit the water.Initial assessment reveals bucket, helicopter tail and one main rotor blade damage. (dmg) --- BK117 of DRF - Luftrettung operating as Christoph 51 was damaged shortly after landing at Stuttgart/Mitte - Klinikum (- Katharinenhospital) rooftop Helipad when a 53-year-old employee of the Katharinenhospital was fatally hit by the rotating tailrotor.(1k., dmg) --- Robinson R22 Beta suffered a loss of engine power whilst on a flight from Wiedergeltingen to Jungholz and was badly damaged in an emergency landing at Mt. The helicopter landed hard with its right skid and was damaged beyond repair.

Casual dating kostenlos Kassel

He was rescued by a coast guard vessel, surviving approximately 32 hours on the ice floe.The cause of the crash was reportedly a mechanical failure.(--- Sikorsky S76 suffered damage to its main rotorblades during take-off at Porta Westfalica Airfield, W Germany, when hitting a nearby fence.The helicopter was ferried to Kassel/Calden Airport by means of truck--- Hughes 369 crashed into a vineyard between Zeltingen-Rachtig and Graach, near Bernkastel-Wehlen, Rheinland-Pfalz, W Germany, whilst on spraying duty.At Vikory on the south side of Sognefjorden the helicopters were heading SE and climbed to fly over a mountain range.

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At an altitude of about 3.800ft the R22 levelled off and the engine gradually lost power.

--- At local time an Eurocopter EC135T2 "Pirol" of the German Federal Police crashed on a field close to highway A7 near Bimöhlen, 4kms E of Bad Bramstedt, Kreis Segeberg, Schleswig-Holstein, N Germany, and was completely destroyed by the impact.

--- Schweizer 269C was damaged beyond repair at Ebern/Sendelbach Airfield, Lkr.

According to radar images the helicopter suddenly went into a steep decent until disappearing from the radar.

The 48-year-old flight instructor and the pilot in training were both killed in the accident.

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